Friday, 8 July 2011

Squirrel Busters Hate Group arrive at Marty Rathbun

This was the first video posted of Squirrel Busters Productions in action when they turned up in Corpus Christie to harass Marty Rathbun and attempt to create fear in visitors to Marty & Mosey's home there.

Wearing a logo of Marty's face over printed with a red strike-out sign on cheap screen-printed T-shirts/baseball caps and in a rental car fitted a cheap magnetic livery sign sporting the same logo, these goons from Scientology were carrying large production quality video cameras as well as wearing smaller cameras on ther heads.

They had travelled all the way from California to Taxas in order to hate on Mark Rathbun simply because he has chosen to follow the teachings of L Ron Hubbard without paying huge sums of money to the Corporate version of that same religion they belong to.

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