John Allender

John Allender is a manager at Sterling Construction in San Jose, California. He is also a Scientologist. Not just any old Scientologist, but a fully rabid - foaming at the mouth - card carrying IAS member - OT8 Scientologist! (the worst kind)

Since 2008 Anonymous has been protesting the crimes and abuses carried out by the Scientology cult, and on their behalf. Mr Allender is a frequent character at protests in San Jose, being one of the bullying, harrassing OT handlers, dispatched from the Scientology building to intimidate people in the street and try to prevent them from excersising their 1st amendment rights to free speech.

Here we see Mr Allender performing the  now familiar "La-La-La-I'n-Not-Listening" crazy Scientologist routine - complete with flapping arms. Mr Allender has no confront for the truth.

Below is a video from 2009, with Mr Allender attempting to confront Anonymous protesters in Dallas, Texas... the video John is asking stupid questions and getting in the protesters faces.

Again here we see Mr Allender, this time as part of another Hate Group - the CCHR...
CCHR (Citizens for Human Rights) is a fraudulent Scientology offshoot, formed in 1969 by or at the behest of LRon Hubbard as a permanent retaliation towards the medical community in responce to the poor reviews his Dianetics book recieved when he submitted it for scientific appraisal.

In this sighting, Mr Allender is shown carrying out actions that all protesters have come to expect when they protest the Cult of Scientology:
Making the use of an innocent video camera appear creepy and wierd, oh wait - thats because the Cult of Scientology is creepy and weird, it has that affect on people involved for too long.