Friday, 8 July 2011

June 15th 2011 More Stalking

Six mayonaise sandwich eating OSA volunteers made utter asses of themselves to a number of people never before exposed to the subject of Scientology (including seven local law enforcement officials).

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Squirrel Busting Video

June 12th 2011

Marty surprises the Stalkers, as they sit in a vehicle spying on him at a local restraunt

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More Friends of Squirrel Busters Productions in action

June 11th 2011

This time the nutty fuckers from the cult of Scientology turn up pretending to be journalists for some propaganda sheet they spew out at regular intervals.

They seem to be unable to understand that Mike & Marty are not going away, and they certainly aren't returning to the cult

Squirrel Busters and friends at the Airport

June 2011

At the end of their trip to LA, Mike & Marty go to return their rental car, and find  Squirrel Busters Productions & "friends" are waiting to hassle them

Harassment during a trip to LA

June 2011

Since "Squirrel Busters Productions" are acting as part of an organised campaign of hate & harassment against Marty Rathbun, for the way he wishes to practice his religion outside the confines of the Scientology cult.. Here is a video of another component of that hate campaign

Mike & Marty make a trip from Texas to Los Angeles California. The cult of Scientology find out via their bogus travel business which they run to gain access to the commercial airlines passenger lists. They hire a team of PI's and lunartics from the dreaded OSA  to stalk, harass and intimidate them..

During our three days in Los Angeles RCS deployed on the order of twenty full-time Private Eyes, off duty cops, OT Ambassadors and ten rental cars to stay in our faces 24/7.

On Thursday we decided to lose Lublow and co so that we could get some particularly important business done without distraction.  Mike and I removed the batteries from our cell phones as we have already documented that they illegally track us through our phones’ GPS programming.  Not three blocks from Tiziano’s home, Dave Lublow used his vehicle as a missile by slamming it into our vehicle to stop us.  The police who responded gracefully held Lublow till we could get some distance.  Without the aid of GPS tracking we easily lost them.   One hour into our meeting however Mike and I were informed that both Christie in Tarpon Springs Florida and Mosey in Ingleside Texas were being ambushed at our homes, simultaneously. We recognized that they literally had OSA agents within striking distance of our homes ready to go the moment we lost the losers in LA. Nonetheless, we both fired up our phones to call our wives.  Lo and behold, an hour later when we left the high rise office building 16 PIs, OTAs, and other assorted OSA detritus were waiting in the parking garage to get in our faces – once again making total asses of themselves in front of dozens of LA accountants and lawyers and film makers in the name of the only road to total freedom.

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Squirrel Busters Hate Group arrive at Marty Rathbun

This was the first video posted of Squirrel Busters Productions in action when they turned up in Corpus Christie to harass Marty Rathbun and attempt to create fear in visitors to Marty & Mosey's home there.

Wearing a logo of Marty's face over printed with a red strike-out sign on cheap screen-printed T-shirts/baseball caps and in a rental car fitted a cheap magnetic livery sign sporting the same logo, these goons from Scientology were carrying large production quality video cameras as well as wearing smaller cameras on ther heads.

They had travelled all the way from California to Taxas in order to hate on Mark Rathbun simply because he has chosen to follow the teachings of L Ron Hubbard without paying huge sums of money to the Corporate version of that same religion they belong to.